Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

A community-directed collaborative nonprofit organization that assists impoverished populations to access and maintain fundamental living resources. The organization establishes, enhances and nurtures community constructed institutions that deliver effective interventions that respect the culture and researched needs of the populations.  

Our key initiatives include housing stability, clean food and water, holistic wellness and environmental stewardship which enhances community sustainability and empowerment. 

How We Do It

The Action Not Words Project, Inc. is a Greater Atlanta based 501c3 charitable human services organization.   TANWP has spent the last near decade providing services and resources for under-financed families and organizations through the outreach of a large volunteer base. Ongoing projects, activities, hands on community work and direct solicitations have yielded great results providing food, clothing, housing, services, education and neighborhood improvement throughout Atlanta and the Dominican Republic. 

We are continuing this approach as we expand to include our own wellness center designed to provide holistic services as well as basic human needs.

What We Are Doing

  • Providing donation and volunteer support for Transitional Housing organizations.
  • Providing low to no cost wellness services for those in crisis.
  • Securing food and nutritional supplements for those in need 
  • Establishing a wellness center to service the underserved in Greater Atlanta
  • Supporting environmental stewardship through community gardening and conservation.